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Drywall Contractor

Have you ever wondered how a finished wall in the home can look like one seamless piece? If you'd never had any knowledge of the building process, it's easy to assume that the builders could have cut each wall from a single block. The reality is drywall comprises most walls in a home, carefully fastened together to a framework to create that seamless look. Completed walls can then be prepared and finished for the next step: painting.

At Five Lines Painting, we're more than just an excellent painting company - we also double as a drywall contractor to take care of any walls that might need attention before you bring us in to paint. Similar to painting, drywall installation is a labor-intensive job. We know the importance of ensuring correct completion of the task to create the perfect canvas for later paint.

Since we understand how the two processes go hand-in-hand, we'll be sure to get it done correctly before moving forward with painting. If incorrectly handled, any imperfections are quick to show up after the job, so you can trust us to take care of both drywall repairs and proper prep work. Call us today in North East Ohio and Greater Cleveland Ohio, to solve either of your needs for the walls of your home.