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Commercial Painting

It stands to reason that our excellence in professional painting extends to commercial painting as well. With Five Lines Painting, you're getting a qualified commercial painting company that can give your property or business a refresh with color. Whether you're repainting an existing building or looking for new construction painting, our team can handle it all.

Having a commercial paint job done is not just for aesthetics: it's a good investment that carries many benefits. When you update the colors on your building, it's also a way of rebranding and letting clients and employees know that you'll be getting off to a fresh start. Of course, newly-added paint can also convey a better perception of your business to clientele, giving an excellent opportunity to create a positive first impression. Color psychology also plays a part here, with blues increasing introspection and thought and yellows sparking creativity and energy. Our commercial interior painters will be happy to help you test how different areas within your business can benefit from these choices while still maintaining aesthetic appeal.

The look of fresh paint can also increase your property value when you're looking to rent out or sell. Bring in our team to your office space in North East Ohio and Greater Cleveland Ohio, to see what we can do for you.